Friday, November 6, 2009

Family Update!!!

I am SOOO sorry that I have not blogged lately! My life is hectic and I have discovered Farmville on Facebook!
The kiddos are doing great! Caitlyn just informed us that she is in love with a boy in her class named Zac!! She is only 8 and her father and I are NOT ready for this kind of talk. We are torn because the more we tell her that she cannot have a boyfriend, the more she wants one!!! We are all working on doing what is best for her and learning as we go!!
Jackson is doing so good in Kindergarten! His teacher thought that she wanted him taken off his ADD meds, but after we did, she was asking us to put him back on them! He is one of the smartest kids in his class (no surprise to me because he is just like his mommy!!).
Hayden is the coolest kid in the world!! He makes us all so happy! He is such a joy to all of us and is also very smart! He is not potty trained yet and I don't really have a good excuse for why I haven't started this process yet, but I will try after the holidays!
We now have 2 new kittens since I was on here last. The mommy cat was ran over at Treadway and my loving husband brought them home. I forgot to mention that I am TERRIFIED of cats! I hate them hate them hate them, but these guys are the cutest!! I have them scheduled to get their first shots in 2 weeks and am not looking forward to that bill!!
Anyway, I cannot think of much else that is worth talking about! Life is great, work is great and our family is wonderful!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Nothing Much!

Daniel and his wife came to visit today. Dale, Daniel and my dad went to the movies and saw District 9, they all seemed to enjoy it. Dale smoked another pork butt and everyone ate dinner in our new dining room. Tonight, Dale and I are going to stay up late and try to get the primer on the walls. The yellow is bright, but I like it.
The kids are feeling better I guess, Jack took his last dose of steroids this morning (THANK GOD!!) and Hayden has 3 days left. Hayden is very very irritable which is to be expected I guess! No big plans for tomorrow. I cleaned out my room yesterday and Caitlyn's room today. I am saving the boys' room until Monday. Anyway, we are taking floor donations if anyone has any extra hardwood laying around!! It is sad to have such nice walls and a crappy concrete floor with paint all over it, but Rome wasnt built in a day, so I will have to be patient!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Getting Ready For Tomorrow

This morning, we went to Pine Bluff and walked around the Flea Market. They really didn't have much, but the weather was beautiful and the kids needed to get out of the house.
On the way home, we ate lunch at Chili's. Hayden made us crack up because of the way he eats corn on the cob!! He eats it like a pit bull would eat a small he is afraid you may take it away from him!!
We got back home and OF COURSE, the older two went to MawMaws for a couple of hours. Dale and I put Hayden down for a nap and finished trimming the doors in the dining room (Happy Anniversary, huh). We cleaned up our mess and waited for H to wake up so we could go get the other two kids.
We made it back home in time for baths and getting things in order for tomorrow. I really am going to try to plan ahead a little better, it makes my mornings so much smoother.
That's all for now...back to facebook I go.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Beautiful Day!!

I had to work this morning...yuck! We were not that busy, sure we had our share of sick kids, but nothing like I was expecting. We actually got to leave around 11am. I went to MawMaw's to meet up with Dale and the kids. I played softball outside with the kids (Austin included) and then we played some kickball. The weather could not have been better!
We came home around 6ish and the kids got their baths and are almost in bed. Well, Hayden is asleep and Caitlyn is watching HS Musical in her room. little still awake. I went over to mom's for a little while and visited with them this evening. Dale was watching War Of The Worlds (with Tom Cruise) and I have seen it so many times already, but I guess Dale keeps watching in hopes that it will end differently or something. Tomorrow is our 11th Anniversary, I cannot believe it!! I really didn't think we would make it this far, but we did!! I am not sure if we are planning anything or not, my wallet says "NO", but who knows. I think we are going to Pine Bluff in the morning to look around the flea market, but other than that, I have nothing planned.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I have a cold...just a cold...but I feel aweful!! I do not make a good sick person. Probably because I dont get to rest. I am crabby and obviously a little hormonal. Dr Stanford seemed determined to point out every time that he thought I could have said something nicer. I did NOT appreciate that at all!! Leave it to him to point out my shortcomings on a day that I feel like crap!! ha ha
Hopefully tomorrow will be better!! For now, I am enjoying facebook...okay Jennifer, you were right...I think I am hooked.